How To Instantly Decrease The Stress In Your Relationship

by Maureen Chambers
(New York, USA)

Stress can destroy a person. Now that you know that stress can destroy a person just think what it could do to a relationship….Yes, stress can be that destructive if you don’t quickly put an end to it. Here are just a few different ways you can instantly dispose of stress in your relationship, and be more calm and relaxed about trying times.

Some people have grown up to believe you need to point fingers. Let me tell you something. In any type of relationship or dire situation where communication is the key to solving a problem, pointing fingers is not going to be the answer! When you begin to assign blame to another person it immediately switches their defence mode on. Humans by nature do not want to be blamed and will do anything, or say anything to correct your assumption.

Assigning blame is not the answer, nor is it going to draw your other half closer. You need to drop this and move on. If they messed up, so be it. Move on from that screw-up and start figuring out a way out, together!

Communication takes a large role when dealing with situations. Talking it out and understanding someone is a lot more difficult than putting up your defences. Even if the problem or stress is coming from a external source couples will find some way to blame one another. Since you know that you shouldn’t be pointing fingers you should also know what you should be doing.

Communicating without blaming is difficult but it can be done. It is what needs to be done if you want to actually solve the stress issue,especially when that stress is internal. External stress can be handled a lot easier together, but internal stress created by one of you is a lot more complicated, or so you might want to believe. Treat the two stresses the same and you’ll see that communication and action together can solve many any stress or anxiety.

Stress is caused by assumption much of the time. Stuff that hasn’t happened yet but has been imagined by us. If you really want more stress out of your life, and out of your relationship then make the effort to not imagine something greater than it really is. Especially if that future has not come to fruition.

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Updated: February 4, 2016 — 1:08 am

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