How To Improve Your Memory Retention Power

Identical to an athlete, which depends on sleep and a nutritious diet to execute their best performance, ones recollection increases when the brain is nurtured with a nutritious diet and various healthy habits.

Exercising the body exercises the brain

Engaging in physical exercise raises the oxygen level to the brain which eliminates the risk of memory loss, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also, engaging the body in physical exercise can enhance protective chemicals that reduce brain cell loss.

Ensure you get adequate amounts of sleep

In order for the brain to perform optimally, it is vital to make sure that one is getting the right amount of sleep. The average individual should allow anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep per night. When the body is deprived of sleep, the brain can’t operate at full capacity leaving one with reduced problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity. If sleep deprived for extended periods of time the body will begin to shut-down and demand sleep. Tips for how one can have better sleep can be found at the article How To Get Better Sleep

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