How To Grab The Attention Of Any Girl You Want

by Victor Valquez
(New York, USA)

Some guys have a hard time getting the attention they deserve, or at least attention they crave. Why should this female pay attention to you? A female has thousands upon thousands of suitors. What makes you the “one”? Why do you stand out? Do you stand out?

I can keep flinging questions out at you but unless you change a few things you’ll never get her. You want her attention? Here’s how to get it!

Have you ever gone down a road and saw something you thought was ugly, beautiful? Whatever it was it grabbed your attention. It stood out of place. It stood out from your normal, routined expectations. The same goes for woman. They want something that stands out. Not something that fits in with the crowd.

Pickup artists have a term for this: peacocking. Peacocking is standing out amongst the rest. You can do this by the way you dress, handle yourself, and speak. When you’ve learned to “peacock” you’ve learned to grab the attention of others.

Speaking of grabbing the attention of others. Have you ever heard the term “be loud?” I don’t mean the actual volume of your voice; your presence is what should be loud. You can do this by sticking out. A good example is using your strengths. Do you consider yourself a funny guy? Do your friends consider you funny? If so, use the power of your humor bring the spotlight onto you! Being socialable is another key to acquiring the spotlight. Your humor will act as the maintainer.

Whatever you do, do not act as if you are trying. Females can see right through this. When you feel comfortable in your own skin they feel comfortable. Females are more likely to approach you when they’ve assessed that you aren’t a danger, and that you’re open to communication. The more effortless you look the more likely they are to approach. Remember they need to feel safe! They need to be given a path to speak to you too.

So you should be doing something. Anything like messing around with a coin or talking with multiple people. If they can open up with a question, or a comment they are more likely to come directly up to you! Getting woman to see you isn’t the most difficult part. Its giving them the ability to comfortably approach you you’ll find difficult.

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Updated: August 28, 2013 — 12:24 pm

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