How to Get Healthy Weight

In English there is a proverb ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’. A healthy eating is a must to achieve a healthy weight. You have to eat a whole lot of fruits, whole grains, low fat milk, milk products, meat and many nutrients. Maintaining a healthy weight all through your life prevents from premature death, from some chronic disease like, heart disease, cancers and many other things. One should neither be over weight nor under weight. So you need to check upon you daily diets to gain normal but healthy weight according to your height and age.


Here is a list of some foods which helps you to get healthy weight:

FRESH FRUITS: try to eat each and every seasonal fruits. It is highly enriched with vitamins. Banana, apple, plums, melons, grapes and many other fruits helps you to remain healthy. During breakfast you can have one apple or grapefruit, during lunch you can have fruit salad, and in evening go for a bowl of boiled or grilled vegetables.

VEGETABLES: eat in your lunch and dinner grilled or baked vegetables with a herb like ROSEMARY, which you haven’t tried before. You can also try canned vegetables but without butter or oil.

CALCIUM RICH FOOD: milk is rich in calcium. So you must add as a many as possible any kind of diary products in your diet plan healthy weight, foods for healthy weight. You can also have fat free yogurt. You should intake a lot of starchy food like whole breads, whole grains, and potatoes. One should also need to consume protein rich food like meat, fish and eggs. You should also intake some starchy and fibrous foods as it provides you with energy. Brown breads, breads, chapatti, potato, coco yam, lentil, peas, bulgar wheat, maize, cornmill and many other foods are rich in fiber and starch.

One should remember that too much intake of salt will leads you to high blood pressure which causes heart attack or a stroke. So eat salt less in your diet.

Though it is necessary to maintain a healthy balanced diet to gain healthy weight but at the same time you can also enjoy your favorite dishes. But for this you need to follow some certain rules.-1-if you are eat your favorite dishes enriched with a lots of fat in it daily, then you must have that food once in a week or twice in a month..2-when you will enjoy your favorite food, eat it in small amount. And after having your favorite dish, balance your diet next day with a fat free diet and by doing lots of exercises.

Have a healthy diet and side by side you also need to do regular exercises. You should do exercises daily for at least 20 to 30 minutes. But, if you had never tried doing exercise earlier in your life then start doing exercises now by devoting only 10mins at preliminary level. Choose your exercise according to your choice. You can opt for walking, swimming, doing aerobics and much other natural process of exercises. It may take time to get your appropriate weight but you should not loose hope as following a balanced healthy diet and by doing regular exercise you will surely have your healthy weight. So have patience and start following this regime from today itself only.

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