How to Get a Full Body at Home Workout

Who wants to make the trek to the gym every day to exercise? The good news? You don’t have to. There are lots of advantages to doing a full body at home workout. Not only is a gym membership expensive, but health clubs are usually overcrowded. It’s frustrating when you’re on a time schedule and you have to wait in line to use a piece of equipment. Plus, exercise clubs are usually hot and stuffy and you have to worry about catching the latest virus going around ‘” especially when the person next to you on the treadmill has a non-stop, hacking cough. Doing a full body at home workout lets you establish your own hours for getting fit and you don’t have to pay a membership fee. Here’s how to get the most out of an at home workout.

Get the proper equipment.

You don’t need a treadmill or a fancy elliptical machine to get a good full body workout at home. Start by investing in a sturdy mat for floor work and two sets of dumbbells ‘” a lighter set for small muscle groups and heavier ones for larger muscles. You can buy more weights later as you progress in your workout. Another alternative to dumbbells is use resistance bands for strength training. For the cardio portion of your workout, you can buy a step for doing step aerobics or a jump rope, but you don’t need either. They just offer additional variety.

Hook up with your instructors.

You don’t have to hire a personal trainer to get an effective full body at home workout. You can invite a different instructor into your home each day through the convenience of exercise DVD’s. You’re going to need a variety of DVD’s to keep your motivation level high. Start by checking out a few from your local library or purchase them at a thrift store. Most thrift stores have a multitude of exercise DVD’s and VHS tapes you can buy for almost nothing. If you have a step platform, buy a few step aerobics tapes for a cardio workout. Select a few tapes that focus on body sculpting and some that focus on aerobics. You can alternate back and forth on different days. For an even more challenging routine, look for circuit training or boot camp workout videos that combine both cardio and strength training in a single session.

Set up your workout area.

Find a room in your house you can use as a workout studio. Use this room exclusively for exercise, relaxation, and stress relief. If possible, add mirrors so you can see your form when you exercise. Choose a room with windows so the sun can shine in while you’re doing your workout. Your workout room should be as pleasant as possible, but free of distractions.

When you’re ready to work out

When you’re ready to do your full body at home workout limit distractions by taking the phone off the hook and closing the door to your exercise room. This is time you’re devoting to getting a stronger, healthier body, and you don’t need a telemarketer interrupting. Try to work out at the same time every day so it becomes a habit. First thing in the morning is best for most people since a morning workout gives energy and motivation for the upcoming day.

As you can see, you can get an effective full body at home workout without spending a fortune on a gym membership. No more excuses. It’s time to get started.

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