1. My jaw dropped at 5:10 :O you’re amazing Melodee!!!

  2. AllSparklesThatLove

    I have really bulky frontal thigh muscles (from Tae Kwon Do, but I stopped
    after injury) T^T So now, every time I work out, I always feel my frontal
    thighs clenching no matter what leg exercise. I feel like my legs only know
    to use these bulky thigh muscles. D: Is there anything I can do to get rid
    of them?

  3. love your stretching/ exercise videos they are very informative and easy to
    follow. I wish you would do a full routine video that can be a daily full
    workout :D

  4. Thanks Melodee, you never fail to reply me, good night :)

  5. Oh thank you! This is great. :-)

  6. Melodee! You look so effortless while doing all that(:
    I struggled just to do the simple ones.
    Love all your stretching and toning videos^^ they are really helpful.

  7. Can you do a video for muscle excises you do? :)

  8. Wow, that’s amazing! 😀 Thank you!!! 

  9. SheConspiracyPlotter

    hey melodee, i need your advice. i have a skinny upper body but my legs
    arent really slim. if i exercise them wont they get even bigger because i
    get muscles? thanks for your help!

  10. Thank you so much! I love the video and the tips!! =^ . ^=

  11. Loved it!

  12. ashita yattemitai to omoimasu ^▽^

  13. thank you Melodee..this is amazing..

  14. Thank you so much =))))) I was looking for something like this!

  15. Thank you SOO much fir posting this; I was just looking for some arm
    slimming workout!!!

  16. Love it

  17. 888ThomtheArtist888

    Love your exercising videos. More of these please. I love learning ballet
    inspired/related exercises.

  18. Can you do a video on how to slim the belly fats? ?

  19. Hi melodee! I love these videos, I am a dancer too but I am short. I was
    wondering if you could make a video on getting a better turn out and arch
    on your foot in dance because I know that every time I dance on pointe my
    feet won’t turn out but only turn in and my feet are not that arched :(. So
    if you can please make a video on it. I have been on pointe for only 2
    years. But I have been dancing since I was 5 then I stopped and went back
    in 5th grade and I’m still dancing and I am in 10th grade now. 

  20. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years now and you never make me forget why!
    Aside from your lovely beauty videos, you have the greatest fitness videos
    as well. You always have such great technique and informative tips.

    Ahh, you make me miss dancing ballet so much too hehe 🙂 

  21. I when trying the second(?) exercise with the legs and chair am I supposed
    to feel the muscles in my bum working? And we should not use our front
    thigh muscles at all? I was trying to use my inner thigh muscles but I felt
    like I was mostly using my front(?) thigh muscles. Hope my questions are
    not too weird :#

  22. nice! Love you videos 

  23. Arigatou for this Melody san:) love love love your vids

  24. Melodee! you’re so pretty. I love how you’re so flexible. And I love your
    hair!!! Can you do a hair care video pleade??

  25. how many times should we do these exercises? and do we do them daily?

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