1. I’ve once made a cocoa avocado pasta – you mix dates, avocado, cocoa
    together (you can add some water if mixture is not blending) and eat it
    with oatmeal or whatever you like 🙂 I love avocado so much!!! But here 1
    piece cost 1,80Eur.. And since I am a sweet person I love to make home-made
    peanut butter (this way you control amount of sugar/honey) and eat it with
    apples 🙂

  2. Wow. Cocoa, avocado pasta. That sounds amazing Dursila. Yes, avocado is a
    little expensive. I just love it, though.

  3. That is a great diet PunchArtist. If you can stay on that long term you’re
    going to be just fine. I love cucumbers too. I juice them. They are a great
    anti-inflammatory too. Sounds like you are in great health. Keep it up!

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  6. Just curious about your opinion on specifically designed diets like the
    Dukan and Atkins diet?

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