How To Deal With Difficult Situations When You Are Trying To Lose Weight

by Babs ‘O’Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

Try as you might it is virtually impossible to avoid all tempting foods and situations, whether you are watching your calorie intake or not you are likely to be put in situations that make you a little uneasy!.

It is not likely that a special event or holiday will not include some wonderful food choices. And you will need to deal with your own temptations as well as friends and family members that encourage you to try their delicious dish.

Let us say the Thanksgiving holiday is coming up and you will be visiting your relatives in another state. Because you do not see them often you know that other family members as well as friends from the local area will be over to visit. Food will of course be a big part of the celebrations.

You have been working with a weight management program for over a month and doing quite well with it. You do not want to blow your efforts now. You are struggling with your options. You could stay home this year.

But a better idea may be to simply plan ahead. Because you are aware of the possible temptations that you will be faced with you have an advantage. This enables you to plan a way to deal with the weakness.

Perhaps you are concerned with the desserts that will be offered. Then you could plan ahead of time that your dessert will be fruit and cottage cheese. Or you could simply eat lots of the acceptable foods in order that you will be full and not interested in dessert at all.

Another option is to simply have a very small taste of the dessert. I do not recommend being too restrictive on yourself. If you do it is likely that you will feel deprived and give up on your weight management/fat loss program all together. Instead you should realize that you will have weak moments and it is okay to give in to them occasionally. The key is finding ways to give in minimally.

There will be times when you will be strong enough to just say no and not give that special food another thought but there will be other times that saying no will only make you feel left out. That can lead to feelings of stress and that stress can result in eventual overeating.

So do not deprive yourself. Document in a food journal your emotions associated with foods. This should include how you feel about eating the food before you eat it, during and afterward.

If you find that eating a particular food always leads to guilt feelings it is likely that it will be easier to give it up. At that time you will be able to just say no.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 8:42 pm

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