How to Count Your Calories During Sleep?

Counting your calories is important if your trying lose excess weight, but it’s often a pain trying to keep a track of them. However, if scientists are to be believed then they might already have stumbled upon an automatic calorie counting method.


Most of us using treadmills to burn calories know how much we’ve burned in a session of exercise simply by glancing at the pedometer reading. At the same time it’s important to know that we don’t just burn calories while we’re on the treadmill, but even when we walk, drive, cook, laugh, talk, and even while we sleep. So who’ll count all those calories consumed?

The count your calories technology

Apparently, a strap-on device has been invented that allows individuals to continuously track the calories they burn.

Being worked on by a group of Georgia Institute of Technology students and called HappyHR, It’s a small, rectangular-shaped instrument, which can be strapped to the wrist or ankle. Once onto the wrist, the instrument begins collecting data pertaining to heart rate and exercise. Next, the information collected is sent to a PC via Bluetooth, where the data is analyzed and calories counted by means of a web-based software.

A subtle device resembling a compact MP3 player more than with an embedded fitness monitoring technology is pretty encouraging. In fact the
researchers want to move ahead further and even try to incorporate advanced health applications such as respiratory and glucose monitoring.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics about 133.6 million or 66 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. And who may want to lose weight for better health. So if technologies such as these keep coming up, maintaining not just a healthy weight, but also fitness, might become a lot easier.

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