How to Breakup with Your Boyfriend Smoothly in 5 Easy Steps

by Alana Day
(New York, USA)

If you have a boyfriend that you can no longer get along with, you may want to leave your boyfriend and breakup with him. Perhaps he starts to get annoying or he starts to get too possessive with you.

Or, you just no longer see him as romantic partner for you. Most people will suggest you to fix your relationship, but if there is no hope left for your relationship, why you need to keep it? It’s not necessary. Here are some tips to leave your boyfriend without hurting his feeling:

1. Be sincere and straightforward

You can expect him to understand you. You have to be sincere with your feeling and tell him honestly and straightforwardly that you want to leave him. Tell him what’s on your mind and what is your real feeling towards him. If you’re no longer feel the love for him, tell him what’s on your heart and why it happens to you. Prepare to make him disappointed though. However, if you’re honest and straightforward with him, you will make him to understand you. Even though he will feel a bit disappointed, he’ll let you go.

2. Don’t leave suddenly

If you are leaving him suddenly, he may not understand your real reason and what’s your purpose. Gradually withdrawing yourself from his sight is a good way to say goodbye to him without hurting his feeling. What you need to do is to gradually disappearing from his attention and tell him the breakup decision after you do it.

3. Tell him that you care, but as a friend

Breaking up with him doesn’t mean that you should not talk to him forever. In fact, if you no longer feel the romantic feeling, although you love him so much before, you can make this breakup decision as your opportunity to start a friendship with him. Perhaps you love him as a friend and not as a lover. If so, it is good to tell him that you don’t feel good romantic feeling with him and you would like to make him your friend instead.

4. Prepare a good time and place

Don’t breakup when he is not in a calm state. Don’t breakup when you are angry and can’t reason with him. Don’t breakup in the crowded place, in the car, or over the telephone. Prepare a good time and place where you can share your feeling with him comfortably. If you want to make him to accept the breakup, you have to think over this matter carefully.

5. Think what may happen next

Based on his personality, you should know what will happen when you decide to breakup with him. Perhaps he will go crazy or he will turn to hate you. It’s okay then. What you need to prepare yourself is the possibility that will happen next. You should have enough mental preparation before breaking up with him. In fact, you can handle the problem even before it happens. Just think, ponder, and prepare.

Those are some tips to leave your boyfriend without hurting his feeling. Breaking up with your boyfriend is often a difficult thing to do. That’s why you need to do it very carefully. Those tips will help you to breakup up with him smoothly.

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Updated: December 12, 2013 — 11:51 pm

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