How to Become a Fitness Trainer or Fitness Coach

Personal trainers or fitness trainers are perceived as those guys that have big bodybuild and are making money to make you look like them. However, these type of engagement has evolved as people become conscious of their health. Nowadays, people perceive personal trainers or fitness trainers as those health and wellness professionals dedicated to make you healthy and well. Also, they are now called as health professionals, fitness consultants, fitness instructors, fitness coach, or conditioning and strength specialists.

Being a fitness trainer or coach, whatever you want to call it, is very beneficial not only as a source of income but it also keeps you active and fit all at the same time.

Further, someone does not need to be looking like a body builder in order to become a fitness trainer. In fact, most fitness trainers or fitness coaches today do not look like a body builder with those big muscles like those fitness trainers years before. You just have to be knowledgeable on how to deal with people. You must know how to motivate them to help themselves become fit and healthy. Learn to be persistent, patient and nurturing to be a successful fitness trainer or coach. Also, you have to live what you teach. Have a healthy lifestyle and be a role model to your students.

To be nationally recognized as a fitness trainer or coach, you better obtain certifications and accreditation from organizations regulating health and wellness. Call those big gyms and know what certifications they require to be a fitness trainer or coach. You may also browse the internet for organizations that offers workshops for you to obtain certifications. To know more about certification organizations visit http://exercise.about.com/cs/forprofessionals/a/personaltrainer_2.htm.

Though it is not a requirement, it is more beneficial as a fitness trainer to obtain specialty certifications beyond the basic fitness training. This usually will give you a chance to increase the cost for your services as well as help those people which requires special fitness training such as those with injuries or chronic patients.

You might want also to consider applying for a job at recognized fitness clubs and gyms. This will help you establish your credibility, competence and marketability when you plan to go by yourself as an independent fitness trainer or coach.

Certifications requires also to pursue continuing education. Continuing education does not only help you keep your certification as a fitness trainer but it also makes you a better fitness trainer or coach. These sites can help you find continuing education courses: http://www.exerciseetc.com/images/study.jpg and http://www.dswfitness.com/.

Gyms and fitness club are not the only places where you can serve as a fitness trainer or coach. Other options includes cruises, spa, resort, corporate fitness training, and online training.

Source: http://www.dswfitness.com/

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