How To Beat Blackheads In A Few Simple Steps

by Jayne Holden
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Though they pose no serious mortal threat, blackheads seem to be the dreaded grim reaper for many and the end of the world for some. But despite the subtle harmlessness of the blackhead, it is still an annoyance of the greatest degree for those who have it.

Though not really caused by the apparent lack of facial hygiene, blackheads are actually considered dirty and would merit a few grimaces from onlookers. Because of this, many would tend to go to professionals such as dermatologists for help on how to rid themselves from the horror that is blackheads. Blackheads are not permanent though, and can be treated with a few natural & easy ways.

First of all, though it would be nice to be able to rid one’s self of blackheads, it will be nicer still to actually not have blackheads at all. Blackheads are pretty much preventable and can be done so without much hassle and distress on the part of the person. One must always remember that when it comes to prevention of skin problems, proper hygiene is the key.

Gentle face washing should be practiced. This involves washing with mild soap and gentle rubs. Washing vigorously only irritates the skin. Protecting the skin would also do much to avoid having blackheads. By protection, it would follow that the use of sunscreens and hats and sunglasses would greatly help.

The key though in this is that, the face should be protected from the UV rays of the sun and the dust and dirt in the air. As for the dealing with blackheads, it is usually done with medications and other things to take the blockage out of the pores. Usually this can be done with other acne remedies like ointments and creams.

Also, blackheads can also be effectively removed with the use of moisturizers, gels and foundations that possess anti-acne properties like salicylic acid. These medications often prove effective in not just treating blackheads but also preventing them from returning to the surface of the skin again. For others who want instantaneous results with their efforts, there are also some products that directly remove blackheads from the face.

These products involve the blackhead extractors in which the removal of the blackhead is facilitated by suction. There are also Blackhead strips that contain an adhesive strip that peels off the blackheads from the skin.

Even with all the fuss about having blackheads, it really is not that hard to remove and get rid of them. Beating Blackheads in a few simple ways really gives people much advantage over the feared imperfection of the skin.

Though it is best to just take good care of the face by proper hygiene and protective wear, it can also be dealt with just as easily with these few simple ways.

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Updated: February 4, 2016 — 1:08 am

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