How Smart Do You Have To Be To Lose Weight?

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

If you are like me you have tried countless weight loss programs over the years. The strange thing is that the programs always seem so complicated that I simply just lose interest in them!.

What I mean is, most required that I eat certain foods at certain times and I had to measure everything out and if I ate something that was not on the acceptable list I felt guilty for days.

Yes, I know there are diet pills available but I worry that they may not be safe for me because after taking them I always feel nervous and jittery.

Here is how my story goes. I never had a huge weight problem but I always wanted to lose about 15 pounds.

Losing 15 pounds would give me the freedom to eat without worrying about each and every calorie that I consumed. My search was on for a diet that would work for me, that was easy to follow, and that did not involve visiting any sort of a center.

I found several that promised extreme weight loss. The problem was that most included a diet pill, which I really was not interested in.

Some were fad diets, such as living off of a particular food item for a day and then switching to another and then another for a period of three or four weeks. Again, I am not interested in extreme ore strange meals or pills.

Next I looked into some of the popular programs that are advertised on TV and in magazines. Obviously those work for some people but I do not think they are for me. I will tell you why.

First of all you are using a particular line of food that is supplied to you through the program. And although the price is not bad when you take all things into consideration, it would be an added expense as far as I am concerned and therefore it is expensive.

Maybe it is just me but I like choices. I like to select whatever I am going to eat from the shelf of a grocery store or from a menu as compared to getting it out of a box that came in the mail.

As you might expect from a writer I am starting to ramble. I will go ahead and wrap this story up. My daughter called me last week and told me about a program that is so simple, she said even an idiot could follow this! Okay, it sounded like the perfect plan for me, so I got the name and information.

This plan appropriately says that it is for “idiots”!. So far so good!.

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Updated: August 5, 2013 — 8:15 am

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