How Oral Health Problems Affect Your Overall Medical Condition

A patient’s oral health can vastly affect many aspects of their overall medical health. In some cases, neglect to your oral health can and often does pose significant health risks that can include life threatening consequences.

I have been a nurse for more than 28 years and unfortunately many people do not correlate poor dentition to other medical health problems. However a person’s oral health can affect everything from having sepsis, which is a severe infection within the body that under extreme cases may produce a life threatening situation, especially if it spreads throughout your body to places such as your heart and is not resolved by aggressive antibiotic therapy.

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A person’s oral health condition of TMJ syndrome or temporal mandible joint syndrome is a chronic and persistent medical condition that can be not only severely painful, but can effect both their social and nutritional concerns. Many TMJ sufferers suffer from extreme pain when chewing or talking, thereby significantly effecting all aspects of their lives including their ability to work.

Other oral health conditions that can be severe and affect a person’s general health include chronic thrush, salivary conditions such as salivary duct problems that may effect their production of not only saliva, but also result in many oral infections.

Dental erosion of teeth also poses medical concerns for infection, as well as chronic sleep disturbances and oral pain. Many people who persistently deny oral care or dental intervention often find themselves requiring life long dental care, as well as being plagued by many other medical conditions, including many facial issues such as possible disfigurement and oral cancers.

Root canals in patients can also pose a significant health hazard for developing many heart problems directly correlated with infection in the bloodstream.

Bacteria coming from a root canal can mutate and migrate producing toxic poisons within the body. Dental infections can likewise go many years before being not only detected, but also treated appropriately. Oral bacteria connected to dental work can lie within the jaw and facial bones and can affect many factors of a person’s immune system. A dental infection can cause a person’s immune system to fluctuate and show a significant imbalance affecting not only their energy but also their organs.

Dental bacteria is extremely acidic and can wear away bone as well as cause severe organ problems including in some cases the possibility of coronary problems such as risk of heart attack.

Dental problems can pose a significant risk of having a calcium deficiency, as well as the development of many chronic medical conditions such as rickets, osteoporosis and arthritis. Calcium problems can also significantly affect a person’s risk of developing arteriosclerosis or plaque within the arteries as well. Chronic dental neglect can also significantly pose a risk of a person developing diabetes and blood sugar issues.

Many medical professionals also have linked severe dental problems with medical conditions such as headaches, fatigue, digestive problems and weight loss, as well as various other associations.

Dental conditions that produce an abnormal high concentration of mineral and metal concentrations can produce tissue damage and memory or developmental issues, along with chronic cell formation dysfunction.

I have been a nurse for many years and it is sad to say that most Americans often neglect their dental health due to financial reasons and poor education of the real health risks that many dental issues pose.

I, myself have many dental issues that I have neglected to undertake due to time and finances. Dental insurance is one of the top insurance deficiencies that many people have, having dental insurance rates in most cases under that of proper life insurance coverage.

Oral health issues such as chronic dental conditions also pose a significant risk to a person developing many oral cancers including cancers involving the gums, cheeks, salivary glands, throat and tongue. In some cases even conditions concerning the sinuses and the brain have been linked to lack of proper dental care.

Many people don’t realize but from the time a person is a small child they can be determining their health risks through dental care. I have been in nursing for many years and it is extremely disheartening to see a child’s dental care not being properly attended to by the parents or guardians. As well as, many older people neglect proper dental care due to financial concerns. Older people often have oral concerns involving everything from denture bacteria, denture alignment issues and oral health concerns associated with years of abuse of tobacco and other factors such as chronic alcohol usage.

Some of the most common oral and dental problems involve excess wear of teeth, chronic calcium deficiency causing teeth breakage and oral infections that go excessively untreated for many years causing extensive dental reconstruction issues.

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