1. vegan protein > all other proteins. by far. 

  2. I’m 5’4 and weigh 165. I’m trying to burn fat and gain lean muscle. But I’m
    not really trying to bulk up. How much protein should I take in a day?
    I do at least an 1 1/2 walk/jog a day, along with weight training

  3. i took a soy protein powder an it made me sick.. its hard to find the right
    protein powder

  4. I tried the whey protein you recommended for me last video! It’s awesome
    thanks so much 🙂 !

  5. Can you drink a muscle milk protein shake before a workout ?? 

  6. Also, do you have a smoothie store that you would recommend for protein
    shakes? Sometimes I make my own with a scoop of protein, milk, a banana,
    and peanut butter, but I’ve tried a few of the protein shakes at Smoothie
    King that seem pretty good to me. Have you tried any smoothie store shakes?
    What’s your fave if you have?

  7. Hi Brett, I have a question for you concerning my protein intake! I’m 21
    years old (female), i work out 3-5 times a week since I’m 18, I am also a
    vegetarien (since 3 years, so a have a quiet low protein intake in
    general). I’m almost 5’9 and usually at about 115lbs (I have a crazy
    metabolism, I do eat about 2200-2500 calories a day). I do cardio about 2-3
    times a week for one hour (running, high resistance training and hiit
    exercises) – what kind of protein and what amount would you recommend after
    such work outs for me? I also have one “real” leg day with weights once a
    week and another one where I also work out my back and arms with weights –
    what protein (+ amount) would you recommend after those workouts? It is my
    goal to stay as lean and fit as I am, I don’t really want to pack on a lot
    of muscle! Much love, great videos!

  8. Thank you so much brit for this video I’ve been anticipating such a video,
    i workout four times a week, and every time i workout for two hours, one
    cardio and the other is a mix of weightlifting ,burpees , mountain climbing
    , its a class called TUFF. The TUFF class is before my cardio class and I
    use isopure protein powder , should i take it right after my TUFF class or
    i can wait till i get back home?

  9. Hi Brett!!!id like to know what is a good fat burner tablet or if u even
    recommend taking those?i have about 29% body fat and I really wanna tone
    down so please let me know thanks

  10. Can’t wait to use this tip! 

  11. What are your feelings about cheat days?

  12. Whey protein isolate gives me stomachaches all the time idk what would be
    the difference of i take concetrated or the hydrosumsum.
    Is there any difference?

  13. great video

  14. ur just adorable!!! thanks for the tip 🙂 

  15. Can you discuss preworkout powders. I took one and it made me sick. Are
    they bad to take?

  16. Thank you +brettcap This was what I was looking for!! Now I know how much
    protein to intake!

  17. You have definitely improved on your speaking skills, Brett. Not so
    fast-paced, which makes your message very easily understood. Thanks for
    putting in the time and keeping us informed!

  18. What to you think about protein blends like phase 8. Could that be taken
    after a workout? Or would u recommend a whey protein only for immediately
    after a workout ?

  19. Hi great video. I just had a bypass. I’ve lost 100lbs AND lots of muscle.
    Whats the best way to build muscle with the limited consumption. 

  20. Is it ok to to skip meals an just use protein shakes like the one you made
    ( bananas, strawberries etc.) As a substitute ? 

  21. +brettcap thanks brett I will definitely try them 🙂 looking forward to
    your next video <3

  22. Good video! You’re very knowledgeable! Can you make a video about what to
    eat after a workout if you are trying to loose weight??? Please and thanks.

  23. I’m not sure about man made products like whey protein, I use to take
    protein that way & it didn’t feel natural in my body. I switched over to
    eating natural food containing protein like chicken & eggs. Whey may digest
    protein faster, but it just doesn’t feel or seem right in the body.

  24. Frédérick Gilbert

    Hey Bret! can you do an exercise routine for post scoliosis operation? It
    will help lot of us who want to train! 

  25. Hi Brett! what protein do you recommend for vegans? thank you! love your

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