How much it costs to build hot muscular body?

I am skinny,19 years old,I have been lifting for 6 months now,but I don't want meaty big guy look,..My goal is lean,muscular like a male fitness body 🙂 I am ready to do what it takes to reach my goal,but the problem is I don't know how much it will cost to buy supplements and food? So how much it will cost a month? thank you 🙂


Hi, Nice question. You are perfect planner… (how much it will cost?). It`s depends upon your body levels dude. In every month i invest for body fitness is 2500/- to 3000/- It`s ok for my body levels. So first you test your body levels little bit. How much is ok for u?

How it means? You must test it. In first week you invest some little amount & check your body levels. Next week again same. If you got any good change in any particular week. Then you just follow the same supplements and foods for all……..

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