1. I’ll have a fry with my sex please :D

  2. 6 minutes? These must be some pretty sickly people to only go at it for 6

  3. Sex ‘n Fries :D

  4. Weight management on an all plant based diet is SO much easier! What a joy
    to figure this out, even though it was post cancer and in my late 40’s. I’m
    working towards attempting a 100 mile running “race”. I’m not sure how many
    romantic encounters running 100 miles in under 30 hours is equivalent too??
    Merely finishing is the goal (running goal), and I tried to summarize many
    thoughts on life, running, food, being human etc in a new video, and when
    on a mostly whole foods all plant powered “diet”, it’s hard to get too much
    exercise: “Barefoot Training & Vegan “Diet” Towards a 100 Mile Run
    Attempt.” Happy Valentines day all… 

  5. so if you eat a lot of calories of whole foods plant based with carbs
    around 90% you will still gain weight?

  6. The key is to take a side of viagra with those fries.

  7. My Mrs lost her mojo, so I can’t have the one fry.

  8. really interesting

  9. I think he’s underestimating the types of exercise you can do to burn more
    calories, he only mentioned walking and 6 minutes of sex. Most people who
    exercise regularly do more than just walk, and most people do more than 6
    minutes of exercise.

  10. Rohe Energie - Vegane Ernährung & Mehr

    Thank you Dr. Greger!!!

  11. I am sure it was not Dr. Greger’s intention but the message here is “dont
    waste your time exercising”, which is terribly wrong. 30 minutes a day of
    exercising trumps almost every other method ( including a veg diet ) in
    maintaing a healthy weight and preventing heart disease.

  12. We’ll take an ‘In and Out procedure’ for 20 Calories.

  13. The Magic Robot [•_•]

    That didn’t really answer the question…

  14. Sex is not the solution for obesity! ;-)

  15. It’s said from Dr.Neal Barnard that you would have to run 4 and a half
    miles JUST to burn off 6 disgusting Chickens nuggets

  16. Happy Healthy Vegan

    great vid. it’s been our experience as well that eating a healthy plant
    based diet has far more of an effect on weight loss than exercise does.

  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    So just exercising without any dietary control isn’t gonna help me lose
    weight? No shit Sherlock……………and secondly, you ain’t seen me in
    the bedroom, I go on for hours………….

  18. but hey, what about mr.Durianrider who eats 3000 to 7000 kcals a day. and
    weights under 65kg (145lbs) mega lean… so I guess it isn’t only about how
    many calories people eat, but also what kind…. High Carb Low Fat in
    Harley’s case

  19. The best reason to be vegan? Because it’s morally unjustifiable to torture
    and murder 80 billion land animals and 1 to 3 trillion aquatic animals each
    year mostly for our palate pleasure since we can easily meet all our
    nutrition needs from plants (and non-animal sources). It’s easy to be
    vegan. It’s clear that using animals as property, as “things”, as
    resources for food, clothing, entertainment and other reasons is great
    violence. Becoming vegan was one of the best decisions I made in my life.
    If you’re not vegan, please start here

  20. Again, Dr. Greger, you made me burst out with laughter. The part not
    getting tangled up in all those wires while doing the act was so funny to
    visualize for second.

  21. I wonder what the average calorie intake is for obese people, 3000-4000 a
    day? According to self reported data people eat around 1800 cals a day, Ha!
    Can you believe anyone would get obese on that amount?

  22. Six tragic minutes 

  23. Love this guy. 

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