How Mothers Can Be Businesswomen as Well Working from Home

The ‘glass ceiling’ is something that many career women hit in the corporate world sooner or later. Once reason is the assumption that a woman will only want to contribute to a corporation until she becomes a mother, than her priorities will become the role of mother.

This has forced most female executives to over-compensate by returning to work within weeks of giving birth, and putting their newborn baby into full time childcare much earlier than she would ever naturally want to.

The other impact of this belief that women can only be one thing or another, not both, is that women are not as supported to start their own business, as it is assumed she will abandon it upon the birth of her first child. So most women had little support or choice when it came to working out a way to enjoy the role of motherhood while also enjoying a career or growing their own business at the same time.

The great news is that nowadays the internet has revolutionized the work at home and home based business opportunities for women who do choose to stay home with their kids. Until a few decades ago, people had clear ideas regarding their roles in a family: you were either the breadwinner or the homemaker. Then, a revolution came that changed the way people thought and moms started asking themselves, “why can’t we take on both roles?”

However, a lot of people were unable to deal with the pressures that a double life entailed and either their careers or their families suffered as a result. Because of this, another thought revolution is underway, when being a full time stay-at-home mom allows you to build a career without having to deal with the pressure of a dual identity.

So how does a mother earn money today? Well, the homemaker today is actually offered a lot of work from home options. The internet leads in offering work at home jobs for mommies everywhere who wish to take care of their family, but who still want to bring out their full potential in a career.

There are actually an increasing number of employers who look for workers online. This is because outsourcing has become a vital part of the modern business and the fact most companies are shifting their bodies from offices to the internet. The face of business has changed and stay-at-home mothers are just some of the biggest beneficiaries.

The best thing about working from home is the fact that you are more in control of your own time. Unlike working in an office where the punch clock rules your time with your family, working from home allows you to work on your terms and stay in control of your schedule.

Jobs often require them to accomplish a set of tasks on their own time and on their own pace. Because of this, a mom no longer has to sacrifice family time for work. The age of technology has afforded women from every walks of life great opportunities.

Of course, working online for a company isn’t the only work-from-home job opportunity that a mom can take advantage of. Today, a lot of moms opt to start their own businesses and become their own bosses. In becoming an entrepreneur, you face offline and online options. A home-based business is actually pretty easy to set-up and run. Because of its nature, this sort of business can be run by a work-at-home mom quite easily.

When a business clicks, it can actually expand rapidly and can more than provide for a comfortable living. However, a home business has the potential to intrude on your family life more than once in a while and requires quite a lot of work.

This is the reason why more and more women are turning to online business opportunities. This work from home option does not demand the same amount of investment as your typical offline business.

What it requires, however, is the same amount of dedication. Today, all the resources you need to start your own online business are easily available. All you need to have is the dedication and the will to succeed and everything else will fall into place. So what exactly is a mom? She can be anyone she dreams of becoming!

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Updated: December 8, 2013 — 7:26 pm

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