1. Freelee as a prerequisite to your videos after u spin you should show us
    your thigh gap

  2. I agree with you on a lot but. How am I supposed to maintain my muscles or
    build muscle with 10% protein diet 

  3. Great video, wonderful passion, you look beautiful and your earrings are
    fun. Living inline with natures design what an absofruitly great slogan !
    You go girl!

  4. Solomon"supersoul"prince

    did not recognize it was freelee for a second.

  5. Freelee the Banana Girl

    @Silvine Silver you made it so I couldn’t reply to your comment -_- so I
    will reply here. I had nearly 3months off ANY exercise due to a badly
    fractured toe on this lifestyle and I actually lost weight lol. Of course
    if you eat a high fat diet you will blow out because it’s just not the diet
    that suits our human physiology! We are high carb creatures. 

  6. Hey Freelee, what if you don’t want to become super super lean, what would
    you say to do? over eat on carbs? or add more than 10% vegan fat to your

  7. Thanks for the video, Freelee! I definitely have doubts in this lifestyle
    but hopefully long term everything will work itself out!

  8. Fruits and roots for the win!

  9. your fresh energy just came through the screen, energizing my morning.
    Thank you. You look very good .

  10. I have massive rebound weight 50lbs! I’m still on the course, but I do hope
    I slim down one of these days. It is very un-motivating to do this and gain
    a bunch of weight, but I will keep it up for a few more years. If I’m still
    clinically overweight or obese then I will judge the 30bad diet a failure
    for me. I think 3 years is a fair test.

  11. Sorry Freelee I am unsubscribing because the women on here are bat shit
    crazy and like to jump on mens comments all the time in some public male
    bashing attempt.
    PS: I have changed my mind and resubscribed after people were nice to me
    which makes me feel better and I do like the videos here and the message
    about peace and love. I will just word any further comments more
    carefully. Cheers.

  12. Please shed some light on grape fruits!!! PLEEAASSEE one of my favorites in
    the winter that I never see you two eat. PLLEAAASEEEE 

  13. Hi, Freelee! Do you know any documentary movies about bad sides of eating
    sweets? I mean I’ve seen many documantary movies and lectures about why
    it’s bad to eat meat, dairy, eggs. But no movies about sweets (white
    sugar+animal product=like chocolate, for example). So please, let me know
    if there is a movie at least a bit about it, or please make your own video
    with your opinion (I am sure many people who are type “sweet tooth” would
    like to know your opinion). I can refuse some products easier when I hear
    good reasons and examples. Now I am almost vegan, on raw food from time to
    time. But sometimes I can’t say “no” to chocolate, even I eat a lot of
    dates and bananas.

  14. Alina A Islam-Hashmi

    can you do a video on the differences you feel are present between a ratio
    of 80-10-10 and 90-5-5??? love u <3

  15. Freelea, can you talk about curing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with the
    80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle? Thank you so much for what you do and happy

  16. Great video! Even though I’m relatively new to this lifestyle, I feel like
    I’m having this conversation with people on a daily basis. Let’s eliminate
    carb fear!

  17. Good video for clarification to the (fat?) haters who complain you’re
    eating too many calories! 

  18. That color looks amazing on you! 

  19. Great video Freelee! Watched it twice; you said some very important things
    in there. Psychologically, it’s soooo hard to change the calorie
    restriction mentality that pervades culturally. Most of us do not have the
    support at home to smash in the cals…my husband keeps telling me that
    I’m never gonna lose weight stuffing myself w/bananas, etc. and there’s a
    ton of food shaming going on for most of us. You are the #1 motivator for
    me–look forward to every video you make. Thank you for all the hard work
    you and Harley put in to get the truth out here and motivate us. I know
    it’s not something you have to do; it’s a self-less endeavor. Peace and
    blessings to you and your families this holiday season. Isabel
    P.S. You look absolutely stunning with your hair pulled back! 

  20. Do you wear make-up or something like that ?

  21. just to rub it in for calorie is calorie is calorie people, gasoline is
    8,189 calories per milliliter. go eat/drink 0.2mL of gasoline for your
    1650cal diet 🙂 hihi gl hf!

  22. What are you on about. Brain washing? common belief is Calories in calories
    out, dont how what I said is brain washing? And yes replace all the carbs
    and sugar with fat and your heart disease factors will go down. That’s a
    fact because fat don’t make you fat. Paleo diet is the only true diet we
    are supposed to eat, no refined grains. We are not supposed to be vegans as
    animals with incisors like us are supposed to eat flesh. You can believe a
    unqualified random YouTube person or you can believe someone qualified with
    research back into the 1800’s to prove it

  23. what about avocados do you eat those?? 

  24. “slimma’, fitta’ and healthia’ than eva'” hahahahaha, sweeeeeeeeet, I adore
    your accent, lol :p

  25. Love you Freelee! Eating my Sweet Golden Tomatos right now! Mmmmmm. :)

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