How Long Should I Train Per Workout? The Best Workout Duration for Optimal Muscle Growth

The time you take to complete a workout can have a great effective on the muscle growth results you achieve. If you workout for too long you can actually be harming your muscle gains, both in the short term and long term. If the workout is too short you won’t have done enough overall work to stimulate all the muscle fibers in order to force them to adapt and grow. This article will show you the optimum amount of time to workout for the optimal muscle gains.

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It’s all about the intensity

The intensity of your workout will determine how much muscle mass is stimulated and how much growth will occur due to the high intensity. The higher the intensity the greater the muscle break down and hormonal response and so therefore the great the muscle growth.

To get a high intensity workout it must be as short as possible while creating the biggest workload on your muscles. Many people presume working out for hours on end will increase the intensity; all this will do is cause your body to go into a catabolic state and start breaking down the muscles.

Keep it under an hour

If you workout for more than an hour the catabolic hormone cortisol start to creep up and will start to break down needed muscle tissue for energy. This means it is vital you get all the exercises planned complete within a 60 minute window.

It is best to never go over 45 minutes and aim for 30 minutes, remember more intensity is created the shorter the time you complete the work in.

How to do more work in less time

To create an extremely intense workout through the use of lifting more weight in less time follow these guidelines:

– Lift with heavy weights, therefore increasing the workload.

– Lift for low reps, allowing for heavier weights to be used and less time to be consumed.

– Only perform the big compound and multi joint exercises, don’t waist your time on isolation exercise, the bigger exercise will compensate for these.

– Rest for a maximum of 30 seconds between sets, aim for 20 seconds, just enough to get your breath back.

– Perform superset between opposing muscle groups, for example perform some chin ups then straight after do a set of dips.

Therefore the best workout duration is the shortest you can get it to be, while still performing all the muscle stimulation you can in that time period. Combine this will a killer muscle bulking up diet to see massive muscle gains.

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