1. Ahh, Freelee. Her educational & entertaining vids, site, books, and
    dedication inspire me endlessly! <3 Thank You, Freelee!

  2. exactly thats why most frutarians are total unhealthy and basically dead!!

  3. This spam gets more and more fucking annoying!! fucking idiots

  4. WOW! You look amazing! Great work! So, do you use a juicer?

  5. Wtf?! Why would u hacks try to advertise a website to sell something on
    this woman’s YouTube? Hacks!!

  6. All the animals in the wild eat raw and they do not get overweight. But
    pets definitely get overweight.

  7. honestly, in the first few photos after the new diet you look a ton
    healthier than you do in your current videos. maybe try reason why you have
    to wear gloves & thing like that to keep you warm all the time? fat isnt
    toxic. fat is an essential part of your bodies makeup, and you are
    spreading a terribly dogmatic message in your videos now.

  8. anorexia reformed

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  11. Tell that to a fat person. Tell them fat is an essential part of our
    bodies. I get your point but it sounds really silly. She stopped eating
    meat and doing exercise. It’s obvioulsy not just going vegan, requires a
    lot of effort.

  12. You seem weight obsessed…and body image obsessed. To me, this is one of
    the most negative raw foodist videos I have ever seen…shame.

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  14. Im wondering about the fact that you eat mostly fruit, I want my diet to
    consist of 50% greens 40%fruit and 10%nuts and seeds (fat)! What do you

  15. If that is by calories, you will have a hard time getting 1000 calories
    from greens. By weight though, that sounds excellent!

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  18. The music is really annoying. She is not qualified to give advice. The idea
    of living on vegetables and fruit only is a sure way to bad health. 

  19. Your curves were beautiful. Trust me when I say beauty isn’t about being

  20. Just saw the vid and I think I love you even more freelee your awesome

  21. You looked nice with some weight, now you look like an anorexic boy.

  22. You actually look younger with the weight off.

  23. You look like a model,but healthy.

  24. In how many time did you did that?

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