1. Rachel noneyabidness

    Love your shelves

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  4. omg your donts were killing me. lol but theyre so true and understandable!
    Very helpful video!

  5. I am in the same situation as you were as I am now working in an office and
    studying at university at the same time. Did you change your job or leave
    the office? Or did you find a way to be more active while still working
    there? thanks

  6. Hey Kellie, Good luck to you with working and school at the same time, I
    know that’s tough. I still have the same job at the same office, I just
    realized I needed to bump up the physical activity and cut out some of the
    bad habits I’d picked up while working there: drinking soda, eating
    chocolate at my desk, eating the free bagels on Friday mornings, saying yes
    to the leftovers other people were offering, etc. I hope some of my tips
    will help you out! I am doing another healthy tips vid this wk!

  7. They were kind of killer for me, too! I’ve been at my goal weight for about
    6 months now and I do now eat sweets and drink on special occasions and
    I’ve been able to keep the weight off while still following all the other
    tips I mentioned. But, for me, going cold turkey on all the bad habits
    during my weight loss worked. I know for other people a more moderate
    approach might be better. I just wanted that weight off and when I am
    determined and say I am going to do something I do it full force!

  8. Thanks! They had some cabinet doors on them originally and I ripped them
    off. I am constantly changing what I have on display in my background. I
    love re-organizing!

  9. hmm I have never tried sugar dates but will check it out!

  10. I don’t think I saw this nice comment until now. Thanks so much for the
    encouragement. I am definately keeping it up!

  11. Wow thank you for your hasty response. You’re right it’s about avoiding
    making excuses. I need to lose about 18 pounds and have been wanting to do
    so for over 5 years but it seems like I always let something get in the
    way. Time to make it a priority! Thank you for your wisdom 🙂

  12. Solid tips. I’ve lost 50 pounds doing many of the things you did. You look

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  15. What’s wrong with lean cuisine?

  16. You inspire me

  17. Thumb s up

  18. Everything you said is true! This is very similar to how I lost my 25 lbs!
    I am actually trying to lose 15 more.

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  20. what do you eat then? fruits and veggies but what else!

  21. This video was very informative! I just started a segment on my channel
    about how I am going to get into shape. It is going to be a slow process,
    but I know that it will be more of a lifestyle change that way.

  22. SicklySweetWhispers

    Obviously u need money for this..

  23. I’m very motivated by the quote “Before you decide to quit, Remember why
    you started”

  24. i lost 18 lb in two weeks with the help of ezdale com

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