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  3. i scares me so much that u look like my colsplay friend

  4. AWS i almost cry cause i had these troubles with my body so thank u you
    totally deserve the body you have kisses :*

  5. Thank you so much for this Jen 🙂
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  7. Your make up in this video looks so good!!!! Please do tutorial ✌

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  9. thank u, ur rly pretty btw

  10. You look cute when you’re chubby .. haha !!

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  12. 18.5BMI is underweight?

  13. wish i had u as a friend. would definitely lose wait around you. : )

  14. i love your voice!!

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  16. Omg i love cassey too 😀 she’s a godness to me, helping me stay fit ♥

  17. I heard white tea also helps, and it’s good for when you feel hungry to
    fill you up, so is green tea. 🙂 Love your tips, so parking that way from
    now! I actually walk to publix if there is nothing too big to carry home,
    it’s 1 mile.. at least it’s something XD

  18. What camera do you use?

  19. Joanna Joseph-Tebbutt

    What about squash???

  20. Thank you so much for this video! I really needed to hear these points. You
    seem really awesome ^_^ I love Blogilates too! I’m trying to lose a LOT of
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  22. fruit and veggies are also carbs

  23. OMG gurrrrrl! Because of Blogilates, I now love “the burn” XD

  24. i love running in the cold:)

  25. If you want to start on going on a diet just watch man vs wild every single
    day. You should lose your appetite in a matter of seconds

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