How do you find recent health and fitness articles?

News and information about health and fitness are all around us. Finding the right information and the health regimen that is good for you, personally, can be tricky.

Where to Look

Online magazines are a good place to find detailed articles about health and fitness as more and more magazines set up their own websites. Some of the best sites to explore include Shape Magazine, Men’s Health and Runner’s World.

What to Watch

Focus on specific articles geared toward your fitness level. If exercising is something new, pay attention to articles about walking or how to run that first mile, and avoid articles that discuss marathon training.

Know Your Limits

It is important to gauge your own fitness level before engaging in any of the activities mentioned in health and fitness articles. Take time to personally reflect on your past year of physical activity. If you were active on a daily basis, then you are at a more experienced level. If you were only active now and then, start out slow.

Exercises for Beginners

Walking is always the best form of exercise to get a more sedentary person off the couch and into physical activity. Walking can then progress into jogging or running, or may even tempt someone to try new sports such as cycling or swimming.

Exercise with Caution

It is important to do activities that are challenging without sustaining injuries. Avoid high-impact sports such as running if knee joints are bad, and focus on lower impact sports such as swimming or cycling. Don’t start out too fast–take it slow and build up to a routine that is comfortable for you.


Runner’s World

Shape Magazine

Men’s Health

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