How do I set a fitness goal?

Whether you want to be able to run a marathon, lose 20 pounds or swim 30 laps without stopping, setting a fitness goal or goals will help you reach the end result. To set goals and achieve them, you need to make sure they’re realistic, specific and measurable.

Write It Down

Get out a piece of paper and write down the main fitness goal you want to reach. Break that goal down into smaller goals. For example, if your goal is to do 60 minutes of intense cardio at least five times per week, and you usually only walk for fitness, you need to break down this large goal into smaller goals. You might walk for 45 minutes and do 15 minutes of intense cardio, such as running, for the first week, then increase the amount of intense cardio each week until you reach your goal.

You want your goals to be realistic, because then you’ll feel like you can actually reach them. Breaking down large goals will help.

Specific and Measurable

It’s hard to know whether you’ve reached a goal if it isn’t specific. For instance, instead of writing down that you want to lose weight, you should write down that you want to lose 10 pounds. This way you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal, and you’ll be working toward something specific.

You also want each goal to be measurable. Instead of stating that you want to lose belly fat to get healthy, you could say that you want to lose 2 inches around your waist.

Set a Date and Schedule

When you write down your goal, set a specific date that you want to start and the date by which you would like to reach your goal. Make sure it’s a realistic time period. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, mark the date that you’re going to start trying to lose weight and the date by which you want to have lost 10 pounds on a calendar. To lose 10 pounds safely, aim to lose two pounds per week for five weeks.

Schedule time to work toward your goal. When are you going to be able to fit in exercise? It might mean realizing that you’ll have to wake up one hour earlier and spend Sunday evenings cooking healthy meals for the week. If you set a goal without focusing on how you’re going to reach it, you’ll never get there.


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