How do I increase my push ups?

So far I can do about 25-30 good form push ups.

Can anyone give me a routine or technique to increase my push ups for close grip, standard, and wide.

I need to bring them to 50 in 2-3 months.

Workout specifically designed to increase push ups would be nice? 🙂

as far as push-ups go, you're in a pretty good spot.

but push-ups are more involved.

you're going to need ab strength and arm strength..

if you want a good workout to do try this:

Go for a 10 minute steady run.

(this will warm your muscles up)

Try bicep and tricep curls.

(they will warm your muscles even further)

Do some jump roping and crunches.

(if you want a specific crunch workout, let me know, i can give you one)


(end your workout with some push-ups)

also, pulls and benchpressing will help too.

you have a good amount of time so i think you'll be okay..

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