How do I compare fitness videos?

Decide Your Fitness Goals

Decide what fitness goals you want to accomplish with your exercise routine. Some common fitness goals are lose weight, gain strength, improve cardiovascular fitness or increase your flexibility. Most videos will emphasize one of these specific areas of fitness.

Check The Video Categories

Now that you’ve determined your fitness goals, look through the various fitness video categories in the catalog or other video listing to find videos that meet your goals. Typically you’ll find such general categories as strength training, aerobics and stretching or flexibility, so read the back cover of the video for a better description of the exercise included within.

Match the Video to Your Fitness Level

Fitness videos are generally targeted to beginner, intermediate or advanced exercisers. The three levels of video will mirror the level of intensity of the exercise programs used on the video. If you’re just getting started, or haven’t exercised for quite a while, you should start with beginner videos and work your way up.


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