How Can You Help Someone Quit Smoking?

how to quit smokingDo you want to help a loved one or friend in their quest to quit smoking?. You aren’t the only person in this position, wanting to help someone with quitting smoking it’s a deadly habit that affects & takes so many lives!.

Smokers don’t think about the consequences as they are filled in their own bubble of getting that extra satisfaction from each smoke. As the caring friend or close one, you should be the one telling them what they are getting into and how they could help themselves.

The thought of quitting smoking will cross a smokers mind at least once in their time, but they will care less about it. If the smoker is unwilling to quit, unwilling to try or simply not committed to stop smoking, he/she will not stop smoking. Without self determination, you cannot get someone to quit smoking. You could always get your cat to the food, but you can’t make it eat it. The same concept applies here, as you can’t force someone to do something they are not willing to do.

The worst thing you can do in helping someone quit smoking is forcing someone to stop smoking. If you force too much, you will only be faced with more resistance. Once the smoker becomes very irritated with the thought of your forcing them, they will simply try to avoid anything you try to tell them. Tons of people have tried working with their loved ones to get them to quit smoking, but it doesn’t always work as wished. Smoking does kill and it has been known to be one of the top reasons in lung cancer, so make sure the smoker understands that.

People who try to help others with quitting smoking don’t often understand how the smoker really feels. Imagine someone tried to stop you from drinking soda or anything that you may like very much, for the sole reason that it is bad for you. Would you be fully willing to stop drinking soda, just because they were telling you to stop? This is exactly how the smoker feels about them smoking and having to quit because of your intervention.
The first step in helping someone quit smoking is to get them to agree to the goal.

Once you convince someone into quitting smoking, you’ll be able to work with them. Be understanding of their situation and don’t put them down, just because they are having a hard time with quitting smoking. Work along with them and keep motivating them into stop purchasing cigarettes. When someone sees another person smoking, they will get the urge and temptation to do it themselves. As the helper, you need to keep them away from others who are smoking.

For the average smoker, it is a stress-relief, so talk with the smoker and see what kind of problems they are having. Come up with other types of things they could do in order to relieve stress. In many cases, smoking would have become such a habit; the person doesn’t even know why he/she does it. Talking with them and getting them to stop smoking for the wrong reasons will help in getting them to quit smoking.

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Updated: November 22, 2015 — 12:36 am

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