How can my friend have gastro-bypass surgery for weight loss when she has blood poisoning?

my friend is one that has to get attention any way she can get it…she is obese and has wanted to get lapband or gastro bypass surgery for a while now…her insurance company has refused to pay for it on the grounds she has done nothing to try and lose the weight any other way and continues to gain weight at a bout 10-15 pounds a month…i live in another town a few hours away, but we stay in contact with face book as we do with a lot of our mutual friends…back in october she put on face book that she was in the hospital due to blood poisoning (something to do with her diabetes)…of course everyone on facebook would wish her well every day that she would post something about how terrible she was doing in the hospital…she ended up being in the hospital according to all of her posts for a month…2 weeks into her stay i was going to be headed back down to her area for business and i tried calling her cell phone and texting, but no reply…i sent her a facebook message telling her i would like to stop by the hospital to see her…she said that i couldn't because she had caught the flu even though she was already being pumped full of antibiotics…ok, maybe next time i typed to her…she gets out of the hospital and a week and a half later she says in a facebook post that she is back in the hospital…i was a little worried, so i tried calling her parents after trying to call her and i just got their voice mail and no return call…i am not the only friend worried about what is going on…she was “in the hospital” for about a week and got out…now about a week later again she post on facebook that she will finaly be going into the hospital to get her by-pass surgery and she will be there through christmas…i am not trying to sound insensitive, but this is starting to sound like something is not right…could the insurance company decided all of a sudden to grant her this surgery?…if she has had this much health issues the past month with blood poisoning from diabetes complications would doctors do a surgery that is not a life or death matter even though her blood is “poisened”…i hate to say this, but with her dodging her friends wishes to see her at the hospital i almost think she may be making her health issues up?…am i wrong for thinking that?…i just don't see how she would get surgery like this if she is in such poor health?…anyone else think something fishy is going on?…

She sounds like a drama queen and is enjoying the attention. The insurance should NOT pay for her lap band as she is not making any effort to lose weight.

Buy her a treadmill and a hat. On the hat place a stick with a Twinkie just past arms length. turn on tread mill.

She is a typical lazy fat person who wants the easy way out. Sure she has tried to lose weight using all kinds of crazy and stupid methods. You know, everything but diet and exercise.

The great think about your body and physical fitness is your efforts are directly displayed and there is no BSing if you over eat/workout or not.

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