How can I recover from a workout without having a recovery formula?

I do the workout program “Insanity” and it tells me to recover after every workout. The thing is I don't have any recovery formula! I ate cheerios after, is that good?

You ate food — that's good! Water — even better. chocolate milk — yup..good too.

“Recovery” formulas are whats called “secondary sale items”. They sell you the program..and try to sell you the other consumable products to support that program. That's marketing – not science, and definitely not fitness.

But — if your dead set on something, look up “citrulline malate”. This is the primary ingredient in most ALL energy and body builder “recovery” drinks. They hide this info by other scientific names and load in other crap and call is a “proprietary blend of ingredients”… but this the “magic” (if you wanna call it that). You mix it with water. One 1lb deal makes about 10 gallons at about $16. I do admit, it does make you feel better and more alert after a really tough workout. But i'll stick with water and real food for the most part 🙂

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