how can i get strength without bulking up and cut my stomach?

im a 22 year old female, 5'5, weigh 129 and i workout twice a day. i do insanity in the mornings monday-saturday and i go to a workout program monday-thursday on evenings where sometimes we do cardio, sometimes weights, everyday its something different. i really want to have strength, especially in my arms, i already have them cut but don't want to get bulky. what kind of workout can i do for arm strength? and my stomach, i want to have a cut stomach. at least a 2 pack and a v cut, how i had it 6 months ago before i stopped working out, and it was hard too! i just started the 2nd month of insanity today, and its been a month since i started going to the evenings workout. and my stomach is hard again! and i can actually feel the 2 pack when i touch my stomach. but the thing is that you cant see it!!! 🙁 im a skinny girl, have a normal stomach, not big not flat. how can i lose the little fat that i have on my stomach to show my 2 pack and v cut, because i know they're hiding under their!!! most of the problem is the lower stomach but i need something that will get rid of all of it please!!! whats the best way to lose all belly fat?

To all women everywhere: In order to gain any appreciable muscle mass, you must have 2 things: (some) testosterone and a caloric surplus. Women simply cant get massive, unless under the influence of drugs. Therefore; you could blast the gym 5 days a week for 5 years and not be significantly larger than you are right now (unless you either took drugs, or held a perpetual caloric surplus). Add some bicep curls and extensions for stronger arms.

Circulating estrogen has a habit of depositing fatty tissue on very specific areas, and then making it damn near impossible to shave off. There is no such thing as spot fat reduction. There is absolutely no way to specifically target your stomach for fat loss. You can move into a caloric deficit and your body will eventually chip away at those problem areas.

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