How can I convince my parents to let me eat healthy?

This is a long story but here goes. As a child I used to be extremely overweight, my parents would feed me nothing but candy, bagels, and other junk foods every day. As a little child, I obviously had no clue how these foods affected my body, Summer after freshman year of high school in 2011, I decided it was time to make a change for my health. I went on a strict meat diet with minimal carbohydrate intake. At that time, my mother was not working and was willing to cook all this meat for me. I dropped 30 pounds of pure body fat over that summer.

I was almost at the point where I was happy with my body but things went downhill since. Through pounding myself through workouts, I was able to maintain that will till December of last year, but afterwards my weight, and my body, went downhill. Since then, I have gained 50 pounds of pure body fat. I feel horrible.

While I feel that things involving me are my fault, I feel that I must attribute a significant portion of it to my parents. My parents, even though I have explained to them my dietary needs numerous times, do not attempt to meet them, or even come close. All my father stores in his house are candies, pizza, bagels, and other things of that nature. There is absolutely no protein in my house. My father works nearly the entire day, and I do not have a car. I am trapped in my house all day every day and there is no supermarket within walking distance. I try to minimize my eating, but one can not starve. I have been on a strict weight loss workout regiment (with the exception of one week due to injury) since the beginning of July. I have not lost a pound and, instead, have gained weight, over 5 pounds to be precise.

I really attribute this to the food in my house. I would be surprised if I had more that 20 grams of protein each day, and I am sure that I intake at least 150-180 grams of carbohydrates each day. I try my hardest to undo the damage, but I am not provided the tools to do so, and am instead provided with the means of doing more damage to myself.

How do I convince my parents to provide me more meat to eat? I have told them before that I almost have no meat (having it more that once a week has now become an oddity) and I have explained to them the significance of protein in my diet and the negative significance of all the carbohydrates that they trap me into eating. I am embarrassed every time I take my shirt off. I hate my body. This needs to change, I just need the tools to do so.

Please, help. Desperately

You dont need to starve yourself!! Just eat more fresh veggies and fruits and less junk. You lost weight because you malnourished your body, thats not healthy either. One cup of fresh kale has more protein than an egg, more calcium than milk, more vitamin c than orange juice. Watch the youtube video called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Seriously watch it youll learn A LOT. Trust me do it and use that knowledge. Also research alkaline diet. Everything can be cured by what you eat. Starving yourself is just as bad as eating the wrong foods. Bottom line – your body NEEDS nutrition. Get it from FRESH vegetables. Leafy green. And fruits. The more veggies the better. Cooking kills vitamins and minerals. Consider getting the nutribullet or a juicer. That way you can blend them in a way that will taste good to you because you can add things you like the taste of. Kale is very nutritional. You dont have to go totally vegan, just make sure 80% of what you put in your body is fresh veggie and fruit. Juice it up

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