1. This is crazy insane! Would love to be half as fit as either of these two.
    The song from this video is now also in my workout playlist.

  2. If I were at the gym and saw these two, it would be either:

    A: Motivating
    B: Extremely depressing

    But I don’t even go to the gym, so it doesn’t really matter. These guys are
    insane. I mean is this even humanly possible?

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    Check out this couple’s intense workout – love to see couples enjoying
    fitness together – let us know about your workout partner…..

  4. as the song is called?

  5. Love this, Amazing couple! – got some serious core strength , :-D

  6. There sex must be amazing

  7. Wow

  8. You guys are inspirational

  9. Great Vid! Amazing Strength! I wish u would have chosen a different tune,
    because I cant show my kids due to the language on the music without muting
    1st. They are young, high level gymnasts.

  10. best motivation !

  11. 3:09 Ow … my…. GOD!

  12. Amazing video I want to be able to do this on my own or with my love as
    we’ll great motivation video for me keep up the awesome work may God bless
    you both!

  13. JESUS CHRIST has all the authority in heaven and on earth. Seek Jesus
    Christ, seek salvation ! JESUS CHRIST SAVES

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  15. 3:09 , ONE FUCKING ARM FUCKING MUSCLEUP ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!

  16. I rather lift heavy, what good do the moves do than make you look like a
    show off at the gym

  17. Body Fat 1% ?

  18. 1:00

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  20. il assure grave

  21. this is my goal!

  22. Can someone tell what is this guy diet?

  23. Very inspirational! Im goin to start living healthier now

  24. Perfect song for a perfect video … 😀
    Amazing you both. (y) 

  25. Hot video straight up

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