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Bodyweight only workouts are great, but can get repetitive. As a fitness professional, home workout and travel workout expert, I pondered how many variations could a true “bodyweight only” exercise program come up with? Especially since creating this kind of system was in high consideration for my own program. However, as the planning details became more apparent and the limitations of strictly adhering to a bodyweight only system developed, I found myself asking “how can one have the ability to improve from beginner, intermediate to advanced fitness level?” As well, “does this system have enough variety for a true healthy lifestyle program, and not just a quick, short-term fix?”

After all, developing the right home workout system is meant to be a healthy, engaging alternative to expensive, time-consuming gym memberships. When considering that the primary body weight exercises are push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges and so forth (even with TABATA, H.I.I.T, plyometric and rounds for time methods), one is limited in variety and potential progression past a few months.

Don’t get me wrong. I truly loved contemplating about the potential development of a bodyweight only workout system. However, if most Americans are like me, then monotony is a crucial variable for results both physiologically and mentally. Physiologically, the infamous S.A.I.D principle stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. In short, one’s body can adapt very quickly to new stresses whether physically or mentally. In this context, one can adapt to a workout regimen quickly. In fact, I could see noticeable adaptions in a clients program within the same week. As Tony Horton coined the phrase, “muscle confusion,” is one of the best ways to change one’s fitness and overall health.

As versatile as body weight only routines are, people get bored. This is certainly the primary point and argument, because even as a home workout expert, this would be my downfall with a body weight only exercise program. Bodyweight exercises are certainly the anywhere approach, but not the complete program for building a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle needs the ability for constant improvement, and even with the amazing potential of bodyweight only exercises, the lack of variety places a huge obstacle on this style of training.

For those looking for the perfect anywhere home workout, the answer may shock you. Because, this solution still has a large bodyweight exercise influence. Literally adding a couple pieces of affordable/transportable equipment to the bodyweight training program and the variety has been broadened by a hundred times.

1. These items enhance all bodyweight movements.
2. Are lightweight and transportable.
3. Can be used for home workouts, travel workouts, inside or outside.
4. These pieces of equipment enhance all ability level variations.
5. Most importantly, these items are low-cost.

Building a healthy lifestyle is about the opportunity for constant improvement and growth. Finding a program (like the one below) that encompasses this principle and offers an abundance of fitness and nutrition expertise is the sure fire, “game changer” for a true, healthy lifestyle, not just another quick fitness fix.

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