Home Workout – Looking For an Intense Workout at Home?

If you are like a lot of people, you are cutting back expenses and one of the first things that may be dropped from your budget is that gym membership. So, what are you going to do about your exercise schedule? What about a home workout? It may well be time to start looking for an intense workout at home.

While your home may look nothing like a gym, if you are looking for an intense workout at home, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that there are plenty of options available in your own house for a very satisfying home workout.

For some workouts, you just need to add a few things to the house that you can pick up at any sporting goods store.

Here are a few options to look at.

Walking / Jogging

Your neighborhood or the park just down the road is just as good as any track or treadmill in the gym. If you really want to know how far you are going, you should take a trip with the car to measure the distance. Otherwise, you can just time yourself to get a good workout.

Fitness Ball

For stretching and balance exercises, many people utilize the fitness ball at the gym. These are also available in almost any sporting goods store and you can purchase an affordable one to use in your home any time you like.


Dumbbells are relatively affordable and for $20 or so you can get a small set that will get you through most of the minimal workout exercises you need. Look for sets where you can adjust the weights so you can vary your needs for each exercise you want to do.

Speeding The Results

Additionally, if you are really looking to see some changes in your body when looking for an intense workout at home, you may want to double up those workout efforts with other weight loss and body building techniques that can show more speedy results.

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