1. please never stop this. you make my tuesdays survivable. 

  2. Why do I feel like I just watched an episode of Square Pegs? lol 😉 love ya
    BSquirrel – Merry Xmas!

  3. Dan is one lucky guy! 

  4. you are so funny i cant handle it

    —me, every time you post a video

  6. That Kardashian voice reminds me that it’s not so bad to be single after

  7. Almond butter on an almond…GENIUS! :)

  8. Merry christmas and happy holidays Hailey…. grats on dan, hope his sack
    was impressive. his santa sack. pervs.
    I wish you had your own magazine.
    How do you curl your hair so well, i’m sure youtube beauty channel gurus
    would kill for those curls.

  9. Hailey Carly makes me laugh.

  10. I need to learn who all these people are. Good job :)

  11. Hipztermizter: I am not a hipster!

    Hailey Carly should be a weekly guest

  12. obligatory share to this group. #holiday #party #tips 

  13. Christopher Thylacine

    Merry Christmas Hailey Carly! I wasn’t going to comment but then I read on
    the internet that if you type a comment you can burn up to 105 calories per
    hour. OMG. 

  14. Your videos make my week, please dont stop

  15. we are all crying…..for your boyfriend

  16. Poor Dan :(

  17. Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays Hailey!! Please let Beth, Gwyneth,
    Tilda, and everyone else know too. xo

  18. Omg, Hailey! Dan is a total douchepurse. When you dump him, give me his
    number so that I’ll have someone to show my family on my birthday, bye

  19. Hailey is the Christmas spirit.

  20. I bet Hailey is using that mint shampoo & condish cause that hair is
    looking real good. 

  21. Boss pants :P

  22. Oh geez, Beth I want to bottle your sense of humour and carry it around me.
    I nearly choked on my tea with laughter. “have some almond butter on an
    almond”, lmao.

  23. Yay! Finally another Hailey Carly! Poor thing. She WOULD meet her boyfriend
    at SantaCon. She would.

  24. aww poor hailey…and everyone around her. on the plus side she does look
    a bit like the lovely beth 😛 happy holidays everyone!

  25. I love you, hailey Carly. 

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