1. Hand Clap!!! Bravo! Bravo! That was hilarious and very well done. 

  2. Very funny, I like all the Hitler videos, for a moment I forget that we are
    turning into the Weimar Republic. It is very sad, because most of us love
    this special country…!!

  3. All true!! Problem is “young people” aren’t paying for “this crap”.
    Majority are rejecting signing up, and will just pay the fine. 

  4. … Awesome! … (I think I just peed myself) …

  5. Hiliarious

  6. Hahahahaha! Brilliant! 

  7. So Funny.
    Sad but true that idiot Obummer is ruining our country.

  8. Republicans saw this coming along time but liberal media brainwashed
    everyone and now we are all fucked!

  9. That is the best Hitler parody yet.

  10. Palin was right. She was right about the death panels too.

  11. Jay E (who doesn’t have the balls to allow replies to his post), how can
    the shit that came from Obama’s mouth be ‘teabagger’ anything? Was Cruz
    holding a gun to Barry’s head forcing him to lie…and lie…and lie…

    And just who in the fuck is Betsy McCaughy? You making people up too?

  12. Many have tried to stop it…they even tried threw government shut
    down….They spoke up they said it would be a devastating …. the thing
    is, the worst has not even arrived…the next 2 years will really open
    peoples eyes….you will see. I am an independent… None of these people
    in the government know what there doing.

  13. Love the parody. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it until somebody repeals

  14. This is so shit, same as all the others :/ think of somin new in future.

  15. 60 morons still think it’s “Bush’s Fault”

  16. Yup… exactly!

  17. Marxism, 100 million dead last century and every financial institution it
    touches destroyed.

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  19. He just wants his harley :(

  20. This is copied from another site

  21. The I told you so moments come in daily for this disaster.

    Sadly it’s hard to take pleasure in being right all along when you’re just
    as screwed as everyone else.

  22. “Federal pound me in the ass prison.”

    Nice cultural reference!

  23. A little levity is good with national disasters.

  24. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha

  25. Well done!

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