High Intensity Training For Natural Muscles

by Jon Staples
(Washington, USA)

Many individuals they go to the gym in order to build muscles naturally end up falling into a rut that hurts their progress. There’s no doubt that we get addicted to the gym to a certain extent and we certainly do enjoy going there regularly.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that going to the gym on a daily basis is not necessarily something that is going to help your muscles to grow. As a matter of fact, if you are overworking your body in this way, you may actually be stopping the growth altogether.

That is one of the basic principles of high-intensity training for natural muscle growth. Although it is not the one that is usually reported as being the most important, the simple fact of the matter is that it is during the rest cycle whenever our muscles grow.

That is why people who do high-intensity training take a few days off before they come back and do it again.

Some of these individuals who do it properly only need to work out for about 30 minutes, one time a week. Who of us can’t afford that type of time, especially if we are going to be packing on muscle quickly?

High-intensity training basically necessitates that you work your muscles to absolute failure with every set that you are doing. You would not do multiple sets of the same exercise, as a matter of fact you should not be able to do that if you’re doing this type of training properly.

Stick the multi-joint exercises as these will work a variety of different muscle groups at the same time. Some of my favorite exercises to do include the bench press, squats, bent over rows and the clean and press.

Doing five or six of these exercises every time you work out is all that is really necessary, provided you are hitting all of the body parts as a result.

What will you notice if you do high-intensity training properly? If you are just starting out, you will see quick muscle growth that will continue for the long term.

If you have reached a plateau or have been exercising for a long time, you will begin to notice muscle growth again and that is something that keeps many of us interested in coming back to the gym regularly.

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Updated: April 26, 2013 — 9:42 pm

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