Herbal Supplements To Start A New Life Following Menopause

by Gwen Walker
(Romford, Essex, UK)

Women facing the health issues and symptoms or side-effects of Menopause know that they need to get some help to improve their wellbeing, or their menopause process will be utterly miserable for them.

Since menopause can take a number of years to take full effect and to finally reduce the uncomfortable side-effects, you need to be very pro-active and not suffer in silence.

In this day and age there are many products on the market that can assist with symptoms or help with hormone replacement, but not many are totally consequence free.

If your medication treatment makes you feel worse than the way you already feel, you need to take action and make some decisions for your own wellbeing.

Many women find that returning to the natural herbal products as alternative medicine is what works best for them. These herbs include tang kuai or “Dong Kwai” the queen of muscle relaxant herbs, that every woman should be taking as a supplement all her life.

This article will cover some more suggestions in detail:

Every woman has to contend with the dreaded changes in her body once the signs of menopause start exhibiting. The side effects are rather disconcerting.

There will be a significant decrease in the estrogen levels of any woman going through the process and the degree may vary from one woman to the next. What happens during menopause will depend on the lifestyle you lead.

Those who had put their health above anything else will see that this does not have to be such a trying time. Though they may experience some of the whiplash, they are better prepared to handle the changes because it will not be as extreme for them.

The fall of estrogen levels contributes to the wide variety of experiences. They will see how their physiological and psychosocial makeup has been affected. After all, this is the hormone that is responsible for the regulation of one’s reproductive system.

It also helps keep inner balance. As difficult as aging is, it can especially be trying for women. But, there is always something you can do about it. Just because you’ve led a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, this does not mean that there are no solutions available.

It is never too late to change, even when you’ve already felt the signs of menopause. Fitness buffs say there are still ways available so that you are able to effectively maintain the balance and health of your body.

If you thoroughly research the facts, you will see a plethora of information available not just in books but also the internet. Some of these findings may contradict each other, but one thing holds universally true, and that is, nothing beats the after-effects of menopause more efficiently than a healthy lifestyle.

A good diet goes a very long way in keeping the symbiosis of the various systems found in the body. When you decide to eat right, you give your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients you’ll need. You are then better equipped to handle the changes.

The diet usually consists of foods high on fiber and low on salt and fat content. When all these are combined, you increase the absorption of fluids in your digestive system so that you cleanse your body of any harmful toxins. Know that salty foods give you a higher water retention level.

You won’t be able to eliminate wastes successfully if you don’t secrete the right amount of fluids. You also need to lessen your fat intake so that you don’t overburden your liver. It’s time to direct most of your body’s activities to absorbing the minerals it needs.

Taking good vitamin supplements, and detoxing with herb supplements can be the answer in many cases of menopause. Using Herbalife nutrition programs are a great way to naturally boost your wellbeing and also to manage any mid-life weight gain that you will also be faced with during menopause.

Most importantly, you need to work on how you view life. You simply cannot go through it feeling disconsolate. As you go through the expected mood swings, you need to strive being optimistic.

“This is just one stage in your life. What you do during this time determines how the rest of your life will be!.”

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Updated: November 16, 2013 — 11:51 am

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