Herbal Solutions for Controlling Obesity

by Sally Boone
(California, USA)

Herbal solutions have proven to be effective for dealing with health problems. Management of obesity and weight loss are no exceptions. In this article, a number of such herbal solutions are discussed. Additional information can be found in this website and by consulting the page moderator.

Herbal solutions are often made from recommended extracts of plants or seaweeds. These solutions either improve metabolism or reduce intake of food. Care must be taken not to take poisonous herbal concoctions. Buying from approved chemists will guarantee safety.


This is a popular herb in the East because of its capacity to cut fats deposited in adipose tissues. It is almost magical as you get results fast. Theoretically, it is assumed to work by having molecules that almost resemble glucose and, therefore, have similar action.

Aloe Vera:

This is the most popular product in the market today. The juice extracts from Aloe Vera plants have been used in the cosmetic and food industry for a long time now. This plant has a cleansing effect on the blood system and therefore allows the body organs to function optimally. The metabolism is enhanced aiding weight loss and preventing obesity.

Grain Amaranth:

This is called the wonder grain in Mexico, where it originated from. The traditional primitive communities had been using it for hundreds of years before the Spanish colonizers took notice of it. The small grains are high in fiber and fatty acids that are more than beneficial for the functioning of organs, such as the heart.

Indian Goose Berry:

This is popularly known as “Amalaki”. It has been used for many years to maintain weight among beauticians. The good thing about Indian Goose Berry is that you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. You could also mix it with other foods or add it to a favorite drink.


Eating ripe but raw tomatoes (from the farm) is of benefit to the body and helps in controlling weight. The active ingredient Lycopene provides a foundation for most metabolic reactions.

It is also attached to proteins and serves as carrier of essential nutrients to body organs. It is recommended that you eat a tomatoes every morning to prevent weight gain.

Most of these are herbal solutions or remedies that can be made at home. This makes it less expensive to use any of the herbal remedies for obesity. You can enjoy your foods and drinks as you take care of obesity through effective weight loss.

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Updated: December 20, 2013 — 1:02 am

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