Help Your Teenage Child Overcome Obesity

A parent’s concern over the health of their children starts from their birth and does not end when they become teenagers. In many instances, parents become more concerned over their teenage children because they have less control over their children during their teens. One health concern that parents have is obesity among teenagers.

Studies show that obese teenagers tend to grow up and become obese adults. Obesity is determined by the fat percentage and ratio of weight to height.

When a teenager exceeds the fat percentage and the weight to height ratio, then they fall into the obesity category. This condition can worsen over time if not resolved at an early stage.

There are more factors nowadays that can lead a person to obesity. The introduction of the computer with its internet facilities has resulted in many people becoming physically inactive. Teenagers consume a great deal of junk food and take on bad eating habits, resulting in poor diets.

There may be other factors such as hereditary, imbalanced hormones and abnormal metabolism but the main causes for obesity among teenagers, as gathered from studies, are lack of physical activity and bad diets.

Once you see your teenage child take on excess weight, you should try to convince them that being overweight is not healthy and can cause physical and mental disorders if not resolved immediately. Teenagers may enjoy eating and spending their time on the internet. Here are some steps you can take to help your teenage child overcome obesity.

Talk to the school authorities and establish a physical fitness program as part of the school’s required extracurricular activities. Ask the school to enforce enrollment of the student in some sports activities. Physical fitness programs should be mandatory. Ensure that your teenage child participates in the sports activities.

Have regular family outings such as biking around parks, hiking in the mountains, skiing and other strenuous activities. The family gets an opportunity of bonding and exercises at the same time.

If the children see the family going through the exercises also, the children may be encouraged to join the sports activity too. Find out their favorite outdoor sports and get the family to participate in it. There is more enthusiasm and eagerness if the person likes the activity.

Limit their television and computer time. Children can get so entranced in the online games or chatting with their friends through the computer that they don’t notice the time passing by so quickly. You have to be observant and call their attention if they go beyond the agreed time limits.

Consult with a nutritionist or health expert on the type of diets the child should be eating. Involve your child on the discussions and have them choose the health foods. Join them in eating the same health foods.

Your participation will show them your sincerity and concern to be healthy and fit. Prove to them that your desire to be healthy and fit applies not only to them but to the entire family. They will not feel singled out or separate from the family.

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Updated: August 18, 2013 — 3:02 am

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