1. What the hell is dis channel?

  2. Salt, booze, grease and no fiber coupled with advil will give you heartburn
    and even

  3. Gastritis

  4. I respect the person and value the message but, a chiropractor, who is not
    a real doctor, giving nutritional advise? You (PsycheTruth) are going in
    the wrong path.

  5. angelalow, Corrina is spot on. Insulin is the hormone of “fat storage”.
    Sweets make you PHAT! But good fats will fuel your body between meals.
    Watch how your snacking disappears with proper meal content. But remember
    that veggies do contain carbs. Example: Broccoli is mainly complex
    carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Broccoli has a significant nutrition
    content as well. Search the internet on it. Here is a site:
    carbohydrate-counter d org. Choose your veggie.

  6. With the exception of coffee, stay away from all sugars there’s no such
    thing as “Acid reflux” it’s eating frozen dinners, canned foods, processed
    items and eating out all the time.

  7. one bowel movement a day sounds healthy to me

  8. Actually Chiropractic Schools often require more Nutrition courses than
    Medical Doctor programs. So most chiropractors know more about nutrition
    than many MDs (unless they learn about nutrition on their own time.) Also,
    Dr. Echols has studied Functional Medicine which addresses How to Help the
    Body Function Optimally and primarily emphasizes nutrition.

  9. This one is a little over the top, I have no way of knowing how my cleavage
    looks unless the camera guy mentions it. If you watch most news channels
    you’ll see I’m dressing to the industry standard. -Corrina

  10. PsycheTruth is dedicated to helping people Take Control of Their Own Health
    & Happiness, we have over 1,800 videos on nutrition, fitness, yoga,
    massage, back pain, psychology, and more.

  11. Yes Veggies have carbs, but these are not EMPTY CALORIES like we find in
    White bread, Refined Sugar, and really any processed foods. Along the
    carbs, veggies also give us FIBER, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes,
    antioxidants, polyphenols and more!!!!!!

  12. Ahh… yes, I’m well aware of this, thanx.

  13. A doctor won’t tell me, but an unqualified life-coach with her tits and
    legs out will?

  14. Arthur TheSemiDutch

    prude… it is just skin.

  15. she is so fine, great legs 🙂

  16. A chiropractor is not a real doctor.

  17. In addition to being a doctor of chiropractic he is also an applied
    clinical nutritionists and a functional medicine practitioner.

  18. Yes, Chiropractors are real doctors. They aren’t medical doctors so they
    don’t prescribe medications. They actually more thoroughly trained in
    anatomy and x-ray evaluation than a medical doctor. Since they do not use
    medications, they learn to treat the physical problems through natural
    healing methods. This particular chiropractor is also an applied clinical

  19. Thank you great job

  20. Thank you for good information who says nothing is free

  21. Off topic Corinna but what can you tell me about green coffee bean

  22. She’s covered up if it were a fat ugly person no one would be complaining
    but because she’s attractive you wanna say something …SHUT UP! She’s
    completely covered and appropriate for interviews all the time. She never
    has her *i*s hanging out but guys will notice because she’s attractive end
    of story

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    Googled Belly Busting Box and went about applying their system. Up to this
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  24. Bobby Lopez Creative

    Awesome rack.

  25. There’s no such thing as “Acid Reflux” the actual word is eating out to
    much, canned foods, frozen dinners, example of anyone and everyone that has
    calcium pills in the bathroom, Tums ect.., your eating wrong. The Dr is
    correct, we don’t have enough acid in our stomacks, supplement companies do
    sell acid capsules and they do work, enzymes don’t work, sorry.

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