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  2. fruit and vegetables are my favorites!

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  4. this video is the obvious info everyone should already know but none the
    less its still good to do that but you missed so meany healthy foods! red
    meat ( not pork or shellfish ) , eggs , unsatled butter , grass fed organic
    cow butter is best has that vitamin K2 same for eggs natural organic
    chicken eggs but if ucant get organic then its ok just dont eat non organic
    animal organs they can make you sick , cod liver oil and beef liver is good
    too nuts and seeds give me the runs to much fiber xD

  5. thats great

  6. stopsmokingatlast

    Great content! Heart disease is a huge problem and causes many deaths
    through out the world. SMOKING is another huge KILLER!

  7. EyelashExtensions201

    Exercise, not smoking and a healthy diet are all absolutely essential for
    heart health.

  8. Thanks for the great information. We all need to pay attention to what we
    are eating and get into some type of routine for exercise.

  9. Elizabeth Metivier

    Thank you Kendra for your awesome information. The world would have a many
    more healty people if they would follow some of your great tips.

  10. If only more poeple payed attention to their health, people would be

  11. Valuable healthy living info.

  12. very good video, I want to decrease my LDL, Thanks for sharing this video

  13. Your information about cholesterol is a bit outdated. Yes , LDL cholesterol
    is bad in that it sticks to artery walls. The question is WHY does it stick
    to artery walls? The answer.. smoking, drinking, prescription drugs and non
    prescription pain relievers like tylenol, ibuprofen all break down the
    lining of the artery which only then allows the LDL cholesterol to build
    up. What you are telling people to eat is nothing more than logical. Fries
    an donuts are bad? Wow good info!

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  15. My father introduced TM (transcendental meditation) to me my senior year of
    high school as a way to unwind, relax, and fight stress as I headed off to
    college. Since then, I’ve always felt lucky to know a kind of secret way to
    recharge my batteries, without needing a nap. But I was surprised to learn
    that practicing meditation has another heath benefit for your heart.

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  23. Family , God wants you to be healthy and whole – in spirit , mind , and

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