Heart Health – What to Eat and Drink Daily For a Healthy Heart

So what do you eat and drink daily for a healthy heart?

A study was done where hamsters were fed 3 things: juice, fruit & water (along with a fatty diet).

The 1st “hamster juice group” drank juice each day that was equal to four glasses (for a person weighing about 154 pounds. )

The 2nd “hamster fruit group” ate 3 apples or 1 bunch of grapes a day.

The 3rd “hamster water group” just drank water daily.

What were the results of the study?

They found that the hamsters who ate fruit or drank fruit juice improved their heart health. They had lower cholesterol levels, less oxidative stress, and their aortas had accumulated less fat than the “hamster water group”.

So which was better for the heart … drinking fruit juice or eating fruit? They found that grapes… both juice and fruit were the most beneficial to the heart? Listed below is what worked the best in the study … listing the most effective first:

  1. Purple grape juice (had 2
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