Healthy Teeth – Understanding Your Dental Examination

file000753676401A dental care routine not only consists of having a dental hygienist professionally cleaning your teeth, but it also consist of your dentist conducting a complete exam on your mouth. A complete dental exam should be done at least once a year or more often if recommended by your dentist due to your oral health.

At every dental visit that an individual goes to the dentist’s technician will go over your medical history to make sure no changes have taken place that need to be updated. It is very important for individuals to inform the technician of new medicines that they have been using or about any medical conditions that they have been diagnosed with in between dental visits. Once all of your medical changes if any have been revealed the dentist will conduct a visual exam on your mouth.

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During this exam the teeth as well as the soft tissue surrounding the teeth will be examined. Dentist will use a tool referred to as the explorer to check each tooth individually. The tool helps with the detection of any part of the teeth that may cause them concern. Dentists will be looking for and at decay, stains, the area around the gum line, and existing fillings and crowns.

Sometimes dentists will use dental x-rays to help them detect any problems that could be developing within your mouth. The pictures that the x-rays that are taken of the mouth and of the teeth helps the dentist provide diagnosis of potential conditions or conditions that already exist and need attention.

Dentists diagnose issues by utilizing various methods such as visual oral exams, using dental x-rays, taking intra-oral pictures, performing oral cancer screenings, and discussing with the patient any changes within their mouth that they may have noticed. Individuals can help their dentist uncover any potential oral problems by communicating with them.

Individuals should talk about any concerns that they may be having or any issues that they are currently dealing with. Symptoms can be very important in finding a diagnosis for a dental condition. A majority of dentists will due a screening exam for oral cancer. This type of exam can include just a visual exam that concentrates on the mouths soft tissue to ensure that there are not any lesions, lumps, or areas of discoloration that are present.

Oral exams are not the only exams necessary when trying to figure out if an area is cancerous. If an area of concern is discovered during an oral exam individuals will be referred to a surgeon that specializes in oral surgery for a second opinion or so that a biopsy can be performed. Individuals who use tobacco or alcohol or have history of oral cancer should be screened on a regular basis.

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