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Healthiest choices your Need to grab takeaway? Let this be your go-to guide for the healthiest options out there. Note: You’ll notice we haven’t included criteria for carbohydrates and

Healthy takeaway checklist This checklist provides a way to quickly assess how healthy your takeaway is. Photocopy this checklist and use it every few months to track improvements over time.

Source – Daily Mirror Your healthy guide to takeaway food We all know takeaways aren't the healthiest of meals but chances are we also don't realise just how bad some of them actually are.

Takeaway food was the focus of a half day conference led by Heart of Mersey’s Food and York, street traders who sell healthy food including fruit and vegetables, get a ‘green card’ to trade in certain locations within the city.

˜ nding healthy takeaway options can be a challenge. Where can I find out more information? 1. TALK to your GP 2. MAKE A FREE APPOINTMENT with an ACT Health Community Dietitian by phoning 6207 9977 3. CHECK OUT more Foodwise factsheets at www.health.act.gov.au HERE ARE 3 WAYS:

To promote the healthier takeaway options within the local community and work with the takeaway owners/managers to encourage customers to purchase the healthier meals. – There is still interest in healthy options from customers even thought the project has

Providing healthy eating options in the takeaway can therefore make a big difference to their health. 1. Recommendations for healthy eating Recommendations on what Australians should eat for good health and to prevent disease are outlined in two sets of dietary guidelines:

11. Think twice about takeaway.There are heaps of healthy takeaway options to choose from. Try sushi and pita wraps, falafels, steamed rice with vegetables, baked potatoes, souvlaki,

To offer fresher, healthier food. Surprisingly, it appearsoutside the home? It’s a challenge; takeaways have very low margins

Dinner from Whole Foods. The main takeaway- food has become extremely food with respect! Yes, healthier food is more expensive, and not

Her other foods–then she relents on the topic of healthy eating and and had some good takeaways. Healthy Eating

Loser Club and new healthy takeaway optionsleast one nutritious food that you specificallyof these healthy (yet super tastynot bother at all FOOD IS NOT OUR

What would motivate them to make healthier food choices at fast food less fat and salt)." ### Consumption of takeaway and fast food in a deprived

Over proliferation of hot food takeaways can have a detrimental impact variety of food and more choice isto do more to make food healthier. He said: ‘We absolutely

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