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Our skin is so important & sometimes we don’t realize it’s importance as we do with our other internal organs. We do our best caring for our heart health, why don’t we recognize the delicate health of our skin? There are ways to improve on caring for skin care. With all the products on the market today, how can anyone possibly choose, what is good what is not. To start with, natural ingredients or organic skin care is a great place to begin. Most organic skin care products have natural properties, using plant extracts, flower, herbal, or natural substances to make these products. We need to take a good look at what ingredients are in the products that we are so freely placing on our skin. Chemicals, harsh ingredients that are not eco friendly & are tested on animals, hum..no thanks.Think about what your skin’s job is, & if you are properly caring for it. Natural products for skin’s natural health constitutes ingredients that are safe for your skin, to protect it, to cleanse properly, and to keep it’s moisture. Natural skin care products won’t be tested on animals, or won’t be unsafe for our environment. What about skin care from years ago? Organic ingredients stem back from generations past, what did our ancestor’s use? Organic substances from herbs, plants, flowers are natural  they did not add chemicals or filler’s! I am a nurse by trade, after researching many skin products, and the proper care for skin, I must say organic is a far better choice. Good luck, remember organic or natural products, it’s worth it’s hype.

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