Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

by Harriet Bond
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Gone are the days when “healthy recipes for weight loss” consisted of raw veggies tucked between two wafer thin crackers. Today there are thousands of healthy recipes that will enhance your weight loss efforts. There are also thousands of internet web pages dedicated to helping you lose weight, get healthy and love the food you eat.

Losing weight is a goal millions of people aim for each year and only one fourth of them make it. One of the main reasons many people do not meet their goal is the foods available on the market today. You could buy pre-made, pre-packaged diet dinners but you are usually taking a gamble on nutrition and fulfillment.

You could grab some natural foods like apples, nuts and so on but even those can get old quickly when you want a “real” meal. Being unsatisfied is what makes many people fall off the food wagon.

What will work are good meals that target your weight loss goals that you can make in your own kitchen quickly and easily. When you find those dishes that can make you feel like you are eating plenty of food and in a healthy way then you will be able to get off the dieting yoyo.

Finding the Recipes

The first place to look is the internet. A simple click and with the words “Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss” brought up 27,500,000 web pages to choose from. Some of the best web pages come from medical websites that promote healthy lifestyles.

If you are not a computer whiz then asking your family or friends suggestions, reading books at your local library or joining a weight loss group where you can share ideas and thoughts are alternative ways to help you get the information you need on healthy eating styles and recipes.

Planning vs. Spontaneous Meals

Planning a weeks worth of meals could be the best-kept secret around when those meals consist of healthy recipes for weight loss. In a short allotted time, you can write out a healthy and calorie conscious meal plan, with that plan you can shop efficiently and when it is time you will have everything you need for your healthy meals.

You could then cook and store your meals or cook your meal fresh each day depending on your time constraints.

With spontaneous meals, you do not always have the healthy ingredients you need, which makes it difficult to count calories and many times the meal ends up being what ever is easiest to cook.

This can send you skyrocketing off your plan and back into old habits. Planning meals gives you a course to follow and is a great strategy to use to ensure you get healthy meals.

There are so many choices and so many recipes out there that trying something new everyday is more than possible; it is doable! Healthy recipes for weight loss are some of the best and tastiest recipes in the world.

You will never feel deprived again when it comes to diet meals and you might even feel like you’re cheating – but you’re not. So enjoy!

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Updated: August 13, 2013 — 2:17 am

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