1. wow, good info! good video, keep it up and thanks : ]

  2. I like that idea of drinking lemon water first thing in the a.m. I’m going
    to start doing it….. makes sense to me. I do the Psyllium daily. Can’t
    say I’ve hear of Triphala…. Good stuff though…… I stopped in to see
    your video to see if you had any comments about Roxanthin. Supposedly its
    the nutrient that makes Salmon bright pink and also what makes Flamingo’s
    turn pink and according to a doctor that was being interviewed by Dr.
    Oz….its the newly discovered super nutrient?

  3. Anyway…..I appreciate your comments and I have to say……I’m am as
    regular and can be because of Psyllium. Love it! Tomorrow and from now
    on…..Lemon Water! :0)

  4. I’m always happy to come across information like you have provided –
    thanks. I too am on a journey to healthy habits for myself and my family.
    Great !

  5. HolisticWellnessLife

    What i do like about this video is the effects of drinking water to break
    your fast. It also stated that body produces B complex while sleeping,
    therefore drinking water right after waking flushes the vitamin in the
    body, to supply the over all body with B complex.

  6. Good Information on Healthy living & building immunity

  7. Lori Martin Gregory

    @Herbalhills Thanks so much for the comment!

  8. Lori Martin Gregory

    @myhealthytribe I am so pleased the information can help you on your
    journey. Stay tuned, we are ramping up production and will be launching a
    radio show the first week of Sept., along with more frequent video posts.
    Just shot one yesterday on healthy foods for kids on the go. Thanks again
    for stopping by!

  9. Lori Martin Gregory

    @srvblueslvr Bravo! More good info to come. Be well, Lori

  10. Lori Martin Gregory

    @srvblueslvr I have not yet heard of roxanthin until now, but intuitively
    it makes sense. Nature always has the best pharmacopia, we need to let her
    guide us more often! Ramping up for more videos and posts, thanks for
    tuning in!

  11. awesome 🙂

  12. have u heard of juice plus and if so whats your take on it:)?

  13. Wanna healthy and wealthy life ? xoomalife.blogspot.com come on… ill show
    u what to do

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