Healthy living: Web-based program can help Reservists get a handle on fitness.

Since the advent of the new fitness program in 2004, overall Air

Force Reserve fitness statistics have been on a steady decline.

In 2003, 76 percent of unit Reservists took the fitness test, with

98.9 percent of those passing their assessment. In 2005, only 68 percent

tested, with 7 percent falling into the marginal category and 12 percent

in the poor category. The Reserve’s failure rate in this category

was six times higher than the rate for active-duty members.

The numbers for individual mobilization augmentees, who recently

came under Air Force Reserve Command management, are slightly better. In

2005, only 4 percent scored in the marginal category, and 6 percent were

classified as poor.

Under the previous fitness program, if a person failed the

three-mile walk assessment, he or she simply took it again a few months

later and generally passed. However, with more stringent force-wide

fitness standards in place, AFRC AFRC Air Force Reserve Command (formerly AFRES)
AFRC Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (Sierra Leone)
AFRC Agricultural and Food Research Council (United Kingdom)

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